Minority Literature: Barack Obama

Asteartea Aza 4, 2008

Last year I had a subject called Minority Literature. I have to be sincere, I did not enjoy it as I did with some others, however it is one of the subjects which more come to my mind in these months. I have to say that and the end, I liked the subject…But at the end.

Every day when I read my habitual newspaper preferentially first of all I read those news which are related to my country. Then, it is inevitable to do not read something about the elections to the Presidency in the United States of America. Nowadays´ President has two more days, no more, to be Republican mandatory of one of the most important and influential countries around the world.
Since I started studying my degree, I new that literature was very important what to the history concerns, but I couldn’t believe how it is giving us images and future events through those works written years before. As I have mentioned before, Minority literature gave me the opportunity to know something more about those immigrant workers that went to America trying to be something in a country which were not allowed, and if they were, they had difficulties everywhere to obtain something. One of the literary works was Invisible man, a story of an invisible man as its title says. That invisibility was not a physical condition, but the refusal of the society to see him because he is black. The writer of this book was grandson of slaves, called Ralph Ellison. He was a Black man who did not want to write just a piece of work, but try to show how those African-American immigrants were feeling.

Reminding this book I have all the time Barack Obama’s image in my mind. He is the American dream of those immigrants or immigrants’ descendents who wanted to be something in life. So through Barack Obama’s image (without excluding his capacity to become President) people thinks that may be an African American origins person will become the President of The United States. And although that dream is not them, in a way they will obtain benefits, or they will have civil rights that every person has to have, without being excluded only because they have other origins which are not American. The President of their country could be in a few hours Black, whose origins are not only American The first image we see when we talk about Barack Obama is his coloured skin, therefore, this could be one negative point and it is not seen by everyone with good eyes.

It is only my opinion, and I am not very well informed on his political arguments nor his political program, but I can see something through his voice and eyes that he is humble. He is going to change, or better, he has changed part of the History of the most powerful countries in the world which always has been very racist. In two days, American habitants can have a Black family in the White House, and it is not metaphor, but real.

He is the American Idol!!!! Good luck Obama!!!!

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